Gorgeous landscape

2018,Taipei,TAKAO 1972 at Midtown Richardson

Gorgeous landscape


“Gorgeous landscape,” the interior design work of the restaurant, presents the authentic oriental aesthetics coordinated with logical marketing image.


The design skill implementing diverse installation arts in the large space creates the multiple art sentiments in the neutral environmental atmosphere. Meanwhile, the numerous vistas subtly delineate the delicate and intangible boundaries in the large restaurant.

The 30-meter-long floor-to-ceiling glass extends the visual scope at the bar area, which magnificently connects to the outer space. The big spiral staircases majestically join the ground floor and B1. Meanwhile, the decorations that the ceiling glass above the central area establishes the pool landscape. Built at the middle pool, the large and stylish deadwood is intriguing and profoundly constituting stunning visual effects, which artistically being a part of the natural atmosphere in the restaurant.

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Though with more than 700 seats, everyone enjoys the view of vistas everywhere. The vistas in various sizes enlarge the visual scale, which is becoming appealing. The elements of visual decorations advocate the consistent oriental styles, of which the woodworks, vertical grilles, Chinese-style medicine cabinets and boxes, horse posts, lanterns, etc. The wavy gray marbles artistically show the sansui characteristics. The glass screens ornamented with the black ironworks define the seat area as well.



2018 K-Design Award - 優勝獎

2018 A'Design 設計大獎 - 銀獎

2018 FAB Awards - 銀獎